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Members Rollover/Refund Information Needed

Information about Registration for Naka-Kon 2021 will be available soon.
At this time, we are finalizing dates, prices and attendance numbers.

Due to the uncertainties that COVID-19 is bringing to our nation, we have decided to postpone Naka-Kon 2021 from March 12-14, 2021 to September 3–5, 2021 (Labor Day Weekend).

Naka-Kon 2022 will be held on May 27–29, 2022 (Memorial Day Weekend)

For those who had Naka-Kon 2020 membership registration fees rolled over to Naka-Kon 2021, we are asking you to complete the form linked below by August 1, 2021 to let us know how you would like us to handle your registration fee.

Refund/Request Form

The options available are:

  • A full refund of my 2020 membership purchase
  • A roll over to Naka-Kon 2021 (Labor Day weekend)*
    * If fees for 2021 are less than the 2020 amount, a refund of the difference will be made available.
  • A roll over to Naka-Kon 2022 (Memorial Day weekend)

Please be sure to look up your Eventbrite Order Number as we will need that information to properly process your request.

If you have more than one order, please complete a form for each separate order.

If we do not receive a response by August 1, 2021, we will automatically roll over your membership to Naka-Kon 2022.

If you have any questions pertaining to this form please email