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Kon Events

Tomo, Inari, his helpers, and the rest of the crew can use your help to thwart Seiryu and Byakko’s latest attempt to take over Naka-kon. Meet us at our events to see how to help Tomo remain as Naka-kon’s favorite Kami!

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The past year has been so crazy, but we are extremely glad to see you back!  We want to kick the negative feelings from 2020 to the curb and let our light shine for all to see.  The Naka-kon Events Team has been busy working on activities you can watch or do at home.

Join us on Twitch or Discord for the following activities or panels.

Clue’d In
Sunday, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm on the Cottonwood 1 Discord Channel
Since last year’s mystery was cancelled and the year before went unsolved; we invite you to join us on our Discord server to see if you can help Tomo win the challenge of the mind.  Can you find the clues and solve the mystery before Byakko and Seiryu?

Rajio Taiso
Sunday, Noon to 12:30 pm on the Naka-kon Twitch Stream
The Kon Events team invites you to get your blood pumping and your limbs more limber as we guide you through some easy stretches. This short program is based on the Japanese Rajio Taiso routines and is intended to be for people age 3 and up. Please remember to listen to your body and not overdue it. We don’t want anyone to harm themselves.

Virtual Ball
Saturday, 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the Naka-kon Twitch Stream
We know that it’s not the same, but dance along with us as we stream music to waltz and swing dance to.  Who knows, maybe you will feel a little silly at first, but at least you won’t worry about having to hold back on your amazing dance skills.

Waltz and Swing Dance Lessons
Friday, 9 pm on the Naka-kon Twitch Stream
Has the past year made you lose your dancing mojo? Fear not! Our friends Harrison & Liz have come to the rescue.  Please enjoy and follow along to two videos on the basics of swing dance and waltz. Now you’re a one, two, and a rock-step closer to the ball!

Online Matsuri

We know that everyone can get a little bored staying home all the time. Here are some videos that you can follow along and create a matsuri (festival) experience in your living room, or dining room, or maybe even outside!

How to Make an Ox Ornament

Walk to forest shrine

Matsuri Cultural video - Ema Plaque

Matsuri Games